Thursday, February 23

i remember we were driving in your car speed so fast felt like i was drunk city lights lay out before us and your arms felt nice around my shoulders and i had a feeling that i belonged

i wish i remembered this photographer. most of these pics are by one guy but i didnt note down his name. all i remember is he is spanish
so these pictures made me think of the tracy chapman song fast car. its a song about wanting so desperately to escape as a teenager and finding that one person who makes you feel you belong and can be anything you wanna be. and then reaching that point again when youre older and settled. i think im a bit of a traveller. im not a very homely person, i love going to interesting places and doing new things. i just wanna explore. but instead im stuck here doing A levels. im so impatient. i just wanna leave and fall in love but neither is gonna be happening just yet. patience patience. 

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