Sunday, February 19

and i tried to be a girl who likes to be used, im too good for that theres a mind under this hat

fuck sake why do i have to fall for a boy? its literally the last thing i want right now. im pretty picky when it comes to falling for boys but god this boy just gets right under my skin. hes just come out of nowhere. hes clever, sarcastic even cute. ahhh this is bad. really bad. i just spend the whole day with him and some other friends and i was trying not to jump on the kid too much. i honestly dont think he feels the same way which is good coz relationships scare me shitless and if anything happens with him its gonna be emotional and scary. thing is if he does feel the same way then i dont think i could say no to him. however scared i am i wouldnt be able to let an opportunity like this pass by.
he doesnt like me. im sure he doesnt like me. ahhh he better not.

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