Thursday, April 12

give me more than i could dream.. i still can't believe that you're right next to me after all that i've done i don't deserve you're love but you give it to me anyway

so i miss skins cue the overload of skins pics. and im craving a cig so of course theyre basically all smoking pics. i was reading my last post and its so funny coz i was talking about the guy who i was pissed off with for not being interested in me anymore, well now im not that interested. im just fed up of the boys round here. id rather smoke.

Sunday, April 1

feels like raindrops on my skin you reach me somewhere deep within you make my body come alive

ahh i just wanna dance right now. listening to raindrops on repeat, what an immense song. but then i realise i have no one to dance. im just going through such a bad time atm. haha i was literally just about to go on this rant about this boy ignoring my messaged but he just messaged me back. see this is the thing everytime i try hate him he does something sweet. but its not the same. we used to be really close for a good few months and then we had sex and he just suddenly lost interest. he never really messages me unless i initiate the conversation. uchh i fucking hate these manchester boys. theyre so immature and stupid. cant wait to leave. oh yeah and im pretty much addicted to cigs again.