Wednesday, February 1

it gets harder everday but i cant seem to shake the pain.. i cant function the same when your not here im calling your name and no ones there

yeah this is a post about boys. just watched the latest episode of skins and man im a mess. i cant believe grace dies. i was crying more than her dad. i hate it when that happens. the perfect couple gets broken up.

so currently im really unsure about everything. i dont have a boyfriend and ive become friends with this guy. tbh i love flirting but i dunno if to take things further. i know he wants things to happen but i dunno if im fed up with the whole fuck buddy situation. or maybe its him. hes just so not my type. i dunno if im gonna regret it or not. im soooo confused. its been like a month now since i got with a guy so my body is like sex sex sex but im not sure about things with him. he might be shit in bed. and hes so immature. ahhhhhhhhh. he just sent me another suggestive text. god this is all happening too fast. im scared of fucking up like ive done in the past and im just really not sure about him. i guess we'll see what happens. im just gonna go with my instinct and hey im a teenager, im allowed to do things i know are stupid and i know i'll regret. sometimes i just cant wait to grow up x

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