Sunday, January 29

when the world falls apart i will hold you in my arms.. i will stay right by your side until the end

here is my shrine to childish gambino. just found him and im completely obsessed. my favourite songs? 'new prince (crown on the ground)' is his song made with a sample from sleigh bells. i just heard this and was in awe. im such a massive sleigh bells fan and this is beautifully mixed with his rapping and their shouty indie vocals. check it out here. also love 'bonfire'. its just a monster of a song. the beginning reminds me of nicki minajs 'roman's revenge'.
so thats it. title lyrics are from dash berlins new song world falls apart. its a  heartbreaking love song about shit times and the music is just uplifting and beautiful. kind of trance chilled sound. lovely for a sunday  

Thursday, January 26

Wednesday, January 25

im living in a dream this isnt make believe i want you to know that i wont let go.. wont you stay mine from dawn to light to live our fantasy..

so this is gonna be a music post. lets go! im addicted and completely obsessed with lots of different types of music. heres what im listening to atm:

this song is just a classic. i love singing along it just puts me in such a good mood instantly.
another song that isnt new but i think its just a timeless indie song. what does ou est le swimming pool even mean?!

a beautiful song. its just an electro chilled song.

Flo Rida & Sia - Wild Ones (Antoine Delvig & Jamsister Remix)
FREEDOWNLOAD !! by Antoine Delvig

when i first heard wild ones i loved sia but hated the flo rida part. so i searched for a remix without him and came across this beauty. its just an epic piece of electro house. i couldnt find it on youtube but i found this free download on soundcloud so enjoy!

cant believe ive only found this now. im not the biggest afrojack fan but this song is just as big as prutataaa and i can defo imagine hearing this on daytime radio so we'll see. i love hearing house music on the radio. it makes my day

tristan garner is just a genius. hes a progressive house/trance producer and hes just released a load of bootlegs. this is my favourite. i used these lyrics in my last post. you need to listen to this really loud to get into it. just boom it and then you can hear what genius it is!

i think this is a great song to end with. such a 'fuck you' song and just a great dance tune. i like to listen to it on repeat.

so thats a random collection of music im into. if anyone knows how to make the videos bigger (so they reach the sides of the blog) then leave a comment please coz ive forgotten. if your into house music then check out house anthems here. it has links to download new house music and the writers have a great taste in music.

Tuesday, January 24

last night i had a dream about you in this dream im dancing right beside you as we jump the rhythm gets stronger... we were dancing all night long i dont know what to do about this dream and you i hope this dream comes true

do you know what right now i dont even want a boyfriend but i keep on finding so many cute couple pics. i love seeing pics and thinking wait i recognise them! the fourth pic down i realised is from the new episode of skins.
theres so much beautiful music im listening to so hopefully i'll share it pretty soon. 

Monday, January 23

you came back to haunt me and i realised that you were an island and i passed you by... you were an island to discover

i love looking at beautiful photography. it puts me in a dreamlike state. ive rediscovered weheartit and im addicted. i just love seeing pics of normal people and the photograph just captures a beautiful moment. if your in the uk check out birdsong here. just watched it and its so beautiful. its 85 mins of lots of looking at people intently, but ive fallen for it.
finally just wanted to say that beautiful lyric is from coldplay. i find sometimes we misjudge people and think theres nothing interesting there. and when you look back you realise they were just waiting for you to discover. i sometimes wonder how many opportunities i missed out on. but who knows whats gonna happen? im only 17. theres so much more to come.