Tuesday, February 14

tell them all i know now, shout it from the rooftops, write it on the skyline: ALL WE HAD IS GONE NOW

i think im going crazy. im sitting her desperate for a wee and listening to old rihanna songs. i really need to get to sleep. im working all week coz im on holiday and  want money. boys boys boys. its annoying coz atm my friends are all over the world so the only people to hang out with are random guys i know. i love being the only girl in a group. its probably coz im so fucking attention seeking.
talking about boys i watched THE most amazing film in the world. if you like indie films (or indie music; the soundtrack is amazing), you'll love this. its called submarine and yeah its like a year old already but as usual im behind the times. its so clever and thought provoking. and its set in wales. i love watching a film thats british and its so well down. im very proud. night x

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