Thursday, February 16

but if you stay, girl if you stay youll probably leave later anyway its love made in the usa

hmm so i got disgustingly drunk the other night. i suffered from the hangover from hell yesterday but the thing thats really bothering is the things i said coz my memory of everything that night is a bit fuzzy but i have this one memory that is bothering me. i dont remember how this conversation started but all i remember is this; lying on a sofa, speaking to a guy whos name i hardly know:
me: but have you had sex?
him: no
me: has a girl ever given you head?
him: no
me: (really loudly and adamently) well then you wouldnt know, would you..

wtf was i going on about?! what wouldnt he know?! im just scared what the rest of this conversation was coz i dont really know this kid. whatever. i am never drinking like that again. drinking is really not my thing. my bodys way too sensitive.
and ive done fuck all homework. im dreading school on monday
one day im gonna write really positive posts. just read this through and its so depressing. well im not gonna make up shit. i want this blog to be a place where i can tell things as they are and not have to censor myself or be interesting. i just want it to be an outlet for how im feeling.  

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