Monday, January 23

you came back to haunt me and i realised that you were an island and i passed you by... you were an island to discover

i love looking at beautiful photography. it puts me in a dreamlike state. ive rediscovered weheartit and im addicted. i just love seeing pics of normal people and the photograph just captures a beautiful moment. if your in the uk check out birdsong here. just watched it and its so beautiful. its 85 mins of lots of looking at people intently, but ive fallen for it.
finally just wanted to say that beautiful lyric is from coldplay. i find sometimes we misjudge people and think theres nothing interesting there. and when you look back you realise they were just waiting for you to discover. i sometimes wonder how many opportunities i missed out on. but who knows whats gonna happen? im only 17. theres so much more to come.

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