Sunday, January 22

nicotine and coffee are my friends in this fight and you you keep me warm all your cigarettes and coffee it keeps me warm

its no coincidence that about half of these pics are of people smoking. i love smoking and i just see myself as a smoker. i love the feel, the smell, the social aspect, the self destructive side of it, smoking even though my throat kills from smoking too much. for me giving up smoking was so hard coz i have such an addictive personality but im so proud of myself for having the self control to overcome it. i never knew i was so strong. i'll still socially smoke occasionally, especially when im drunk but i know i dont wanna get addicted again. it was scary how much control the addiction had over me and i never want to go back to that. but i still find when im looking through photography im always drawn to the pics of people smoking. i guess i find something beautiful in it.

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Kb said...

It's great to see you're back blogging again! Hope you're well. I'm majorly anti smoking and the amount of smoke in the clubs in Berlin has made me appreciate the UK ban a lot more. That being said, it can look pretty in editorials. It definitely adds a rebellious edge.