Tuesday, January 17

my hands are cold my bodys numb im still in shock what have you done?

so i have 2 followers on bloglovin! 2 actual followers! ive just fallen in love with blogging again. im just adding more and more blogs to my bloglovin so i have a great newsfeed of amazing blogs. its so wierd people are actually reading what im writing! if you wanna know more about me then i guess you can check out my old blog here. but that was over a year ago that i finished it and ive changed alot since then. i cant really think of ways to describe myself so i guess keep following and youll find out.
a few things about my blog:
  1. i always like to use lyrics as titles. they arent normally related to the post and im too lazy to write in every post who the lyrics are by but if you like a lyric then leave a comment and i'll get back to you who it is 
  2. im not sure what this blog is mainly gonna be about but i love photography and none of it is mine. i'll normally give a link for you to check out more
  3. thanks for any of you blog writers reading this who inspire me.
  4. this blog is really still being made so excuse the bad layout etc. it will start looking better once i get more into the technical stuff

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