Sunday, January 29

when the world falls apart i will hold you in my arms.. i will stay right by your side until the end

here is my shrine to childish gambino. just found him and im completely obsessed. my favourite songs? 'new prince (crown on the ground)' is his song made with a sample from sleigh bells. i just heard this and was in awe. im such a massive sleigh bells fan and this is beautifully mixed with his rapping and their shouty indie vocals. check it out here. also love 'bonfire'. its just a monster of a song. the beginning reminds me of nicki minajs 'roman's revenge'.
so thats it. title lyrics are from dash berlins new song world falls apart. its a  heartbreaking love song about shit times and the music is just uplifting and beautiful. kind of trance chilled sound. lovely for a sunday  

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L.C said...

I loooove childish gambino! never thought i'd be flicking through blogs and see someone post about him! nice blog.