Sunday, May 20

we had to learn how to bend without the world caving in

ahh its so tempting to get a tattoo but i know i'll regret it coz my taste changes so quickly so i'll love something one minute and find it amazing and then after abit i wont love it too much so i just know any design i get i wont like after a bit. haha just listening to 212 by azealia banks on the radio and you can hardly hear the lyrics coz its had to be censored so much. ahh its a good song.
made myself do 4 and half hours of studying and only got through like 45 pages. after every paragraph i needed a break. its so hard to work coz it makes me feel ill so its hard to work, its like having to hurt myself. i know as soon as i stop i'll feel better so its hard to keep at it when my concentration is so bad and i feel sick, dizzy and jumpy and nervous all the time while i work.
im so fed up of the fact that im gonna do bad in my exams coz i cant deal with the pressure. but hey at least my depression isnt so bad atm. i might go away this weekend that should help abit. 

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