Friday, May 18

i drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door.. ive had you so many times but somehow i want more

its funny how the music im into reflects my mood. each month i'll make a playlist of all my favourite songs that month, mainly house stuff, and this month its just all really chilled music not much lyrics or anything but like toned down, simple tunes. i guess my life is complicated enough i just want simple music.
ahh im just chilling to the music and getting ready for a truly shit weekend. ahh i love that pic, its the 6th one down and it says 'sometimes the people you expect to kick you when youre down are the ones who help you back up.' i so get that right now. its like the people you expect to be there for you arent and the people you hadnt even thought about turning to actually really help. two random friends messaged me today both out of the blue and you know what its just so nice to chat. im such a sociable person and i feel like the depression tries to suck that out of me but im fighting back! even though all i want is to be alone i know it actually makes me worse.

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